Wedding Vows and Love Quotes to Inspire Yours!

The most essential and beautiful part of a wedding ceremony is when the bride and groom make their vows to each other. These vows are taken in the presence of God, parents, family & friends. Vows have been known to draw tears from the bride, the groom and even the … Continue Reading


Find inspiration for your grooms and groomsmen in our compilation of various suit colours and styles. Leave a comment telling us what you think and the kinds of groom inspiration you would love to see! Click on the pictures for a larger and more up-close view of these dashing men

Vendor Spotlight: SeunD’s Beads, Custom Jewelry for the traditional bride


SeunD’s Beads have won our hearts at WeLNW. These custom made beauties by Seun Ajani-Dosunmu are simply put, elegant works of art. They will make the African bride look and feel majestic for her traditional wedding. Wedding guests … Continue Reading

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, South Africa


The SabI Sabi private game reserve in South Africa is a great honeymoon destination for the newly wedded couple that wants to experience the african wilderness and have a quiet/serene honeymoon.

Enjoy the safaris and lodges the reserve … Continue Reading

Zuhair Murad haute couture fall/winter 2013


The Beirut-based Lebanese fashion designer, Zuhair Murad, is an amazing couturier that merges the modern with the traditional to make truly elegant pieces. The breathtaking dresses in his haute couture fall/winter 2013 collection is bound to make any bride look and … Continue Reading

Enchanting Centerpieces Inspiration ~ Vol 1

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The WeLNW team has selected some of our favorite wedding decor center pieces for your inspiration. They are fun and would certainly make a statement at any event. We hope this inspires our future brides and event planners to create … Continue Reading

WeLNW Asoebi Inspiration: 2nd Edition ❤❤!


The second edition of WeLNW Asoebi inspiration is here!!! Over 65 exciting styles and colour schemes to inspire our future Asoebi Ladies!

We hope you enjoy these asoebi styles as much as we do!

WeLNW Asoebi Inspiration! 1st Edition ❤❤


WeLNW is excited to bring you the first edition of WeLNW asoebi inspiration! We hope these gorgeous asoebi ladies provide you with inspiration for asoebi styles and color schemes. Enjoy!


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WeLNW Asoebi/Guests

Asoebi/Guests Color Scheme, Styles and Wedding Flow Inspiration!